Mountain View School of Taekwondo

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, similar to Japanese Karate. There is more focus on delivering concentrated power in each kick or punch than in many other martial arts. Mountain View School of Taekwondo practices the traditional Chung Do Kwan style of taekwondo, teaching the combination of power, speed, balance, technique, and focus to achieve maximal efficiency.

Mountain View School of Taekwondo is a non-profit organization and it has offered classes to the public since 1981. We belong to Chung Do Kwan USA, an association of traditional Korean taekwondo clubs across the United States.

Thanks to an agreement with the Mountain View Department of Parks and Recreation, we are able to offer classes at an unbeatable price in a very large dojang with both hardwood floors and mats.

Some Taekwondo Training Philosophy

All practice, including sparring, is done at full speed and full force, so no offensive contact is permitted. To paraphrase (Funakoshi, I think) it is better to nearly miss with a real bullet, than to score a direct hit with a blank. Hitting a point an inch or two from a partner can require more control and skill than blasting a side kick into the ribs of a friend, who like you, probably has to go to work tomorrow.

In a defense situation, the target is simply shifted a few inches into the assailant. For those who really like to pound a target (and who doesn't?), we use air shields, a heavy bag, etc, and also breaking stacks of boards. In this way, control, speed, accuracy, and focus are demonstrated during sparring, while destructive displays of power are left to other portions of practice.

The power, focus, and speed we develop through Tae Kwon Do is also demonstrated in board breaking, which is a regular activity and a requirement at higher belt levels.

A typical practice session consists of: Sometimes elements of other martial arts styles are presented to broaden the repertoire of the students.

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