Mountain View School of Taekwondo

Requirements for promotion

To demonstrate proficiency in taekwondo, students perform a predefined set of forms (called kata in Japanese karate) and show they can concentrate power in breaking one-inch boards. The following requirements must be met at each level up to first-degree black belt. For more advanced black belt levels, students must meet the requirements on the Chungdokwan USA Black Belt Testing Requirements Web page.

All forms are thoroughly described in Master Ted Hillson's book Tae Kwon Do Classic Forms. They are also demonstrated by a student of Mountain View School of Taekwondo at the first link on links.html.

Yellow stripeTae Guk 1, Tae Guk 2
YellowKuk Mu 1, Kuk Mu 2
GreenPyong On 1, Pyong On 21
PurplePyong On 2 (repeat), Pyong On 3, Kuk Mu 32
BrownPyong On 4, Pyong On 5, Kuk Mu 42 boards 2 ways
Black 1st degreeChul Gee 1, Pal Sek, Kuk Mu 53 boards 2 waysSelf-defense, fitness

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