Grand Master Duk Son Song - a giant in martial arts 1922-2011

Grand Master Son has passed away on March 29, 2011.

The founder of our style of taekwondo - Chungdokwan - and a giant in martial arts has passed away. Master Son has written two books about taekwondo and there are many amazing true stories as well as some legends about him, his ability to concentrate and deliver power in a strike or block and to teach others to be uniquely strong martial artists. Thanks to the inspiration he provided to his students, Chungdokwan taekwondo spread all over the US and the world. It was my privilege to be tested for my purple, brown, and first-degree black belts by Master Son.

You can read an obituary here.



At the time of the picture below, Master Son was already 61 years old but one of the strongest martial artists ever. He continued to demonstrate his technique and train others for many more years.