Mountain View School of Taekwondo

Kids' Class

Boys and girls of all skill levels practice together to foster an attitude of cooperation and responsibility.

There are typically four sessions a year, each lasting 10-12 weeks. For the dates of the most current session, see the current City of Mountain View Recreation Guide. If you are a Mountain View resident, look for the Recreation Guide in your mail.

Class lasts for one hour, 6-7pm, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the auxiliary room in the gym at Whisman Sport Center (Crittenden Park), located at 1500 Middlefield Road, between Shoreline Boulevard and Rengstorff Avenue.

A typical one hour class starts with a few minutes of warm-up exercises followed by basic exercises, forms, interactive drills, three-step sparring, and free-style non-contact sparring. The class ends with some warm-down exercises.


How to sign up:

Registration is handled through the Mountain View Recreation Division, located at 201 Rengstorff Avenue in Mountain View. Registration fees and forms can be found online in the latest edition of the City of Mountain View Recreation Guide, or by calling (650) 903-6331 for more information. The Recreation Guide is automatically sent to Mountain View residents.

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